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Frequently Asked Questions


How can we include AAHOA members properties only to this platform?

The AAHOA booking platform will be exclusively AAHOA properties as we will use PMS connections and manual connections to bring the properties to the inventory.


Why does Bookit N Go care about the hoteliers?

Bookit N Go was started with AAHOA members who wanted an alternative to the current booking engines. We have partners that are hoteliers that are involved in the operations of day-to-day activities of the business.


How does the hotelier update room types, photos, amenities, etc.?

There is portal access for the hotelier to access their properties to update anything they would like to include room types, photo amenities, etc.


Can I limit the number of rooms I sale online?

Yes, if you would like to manage your inventory manually, you can limit the room for sale as well as when they are for sale by date. This is accessible through the hotelier portal access.


Who will deal with customer questions before booking or reservation is made?

The customer can contact Bookit N Go directly with questions regarding the platform and technical issues and booking problems. The customer can contact the hotel with hotel, reservation or amenity questions.


Who will deal with customers’ questions after the booking is made?

The customer can contact the hotel with the reservation questions. Bookit N Go can handle the cancellations and any technical questions.


What if I don’t like a guest, can I cancel their reservation?

The hotelier has two options for booking. First they can choose manual booking which will require approval for each reservation. Second they can choose instant booking which the reservation will automatically be booked. If the hotelier wants to cancel the reservation at any time, they are able to do this through the hotelier portal access.


What happens if I get a reservation through a white label, and I am sold out?

If you are connected through the PMS, your inventory will automatically be updated in the white label. However, if you are sold out and you get a reservation, you can cancel that reservation through the hotelier portal access with the guest.


How many minimum or maximum units are allowed to be on?

There are no minimums or maximums allowed. You can use the AAHOA booking engine however best to support your property.


Can I put my logo on it?

AAHOA logo will only be used however if you have a company logo you can add it to your photos.


How many AAHOA members can be on the AAHOA platform?

There is no limit to the number of properties that can be displayed. The user will have a search feature that will be able to find a particular hotel as well as search within criteria.


Why would the AAHOA platform benefit members?

a. Low commissions
b. An alternative to the other booking engines with high commission and low customer service
c. Dual reviews – do not rent list for customer side.
d. Direct contact with development company – feedback on features and roadmap
f. An exclusive way to display their property in combination with AAHOA wide reach


What ADA website issues are solved by adopting this white label? ?

Every hotel is required to display room(s) that are ADA accessible, which is a requirement by law. Also the website is ADA accessible so anyone can search and book rooms regardless of their disability.


Can I do my own marketing to push customers to use this?

Yes absolutely! You can copy your distinct hotel URL and share it with anyone that would want to direct book. You can also use this link for you Google My Business link or for your own Google Ad links.

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