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Top Eight Wondrous Places at Koh Samui


Everyone who plans a trip to Thailand knows that Koh Samui is the most popular destination of all. Its local attractions are such that the popularity is completely justified! However, it can be easy to get lost, especially given the crowd during the holiday season. 

Rather than wasting time deciding which place is worth your visit, here is a quick list of the top eight sites you must not ignore at Koh Samui!

Get an Up-Close Look at the Big Buddha

Although you might expect a crowd at this location, know that it is indeed worth the hassle, there is a reason why it is the most famous landmark on this island, for everyone is stunned as soon as they enter the temple. 

This 12-meter statue of Gautama Buddha sits in a meditative position promoting the importance and effectiveness of the activity. It is made of gold. The significance of the position of Mara is that it highlights the time when Buddha pushed away all the temptations of man that had been forced on him. 

Locally, the temple is known as Wat Phra Yai, and you can even spot the massive monument flying over Koh Samui!

The Breathtaking Na Muang Waterfall

Surrounded by the browns and olives of the jungle, the Na Maung waterfall is one of the off-beat attractions you must stop by. It is a pair of waterfalls wherein the first one falls to form a small pool. You could take a swim in this water body, after which you get to the second waterfall, about half an hour uphill.

This waterfall is just as stunning as the first one, and the best part is that you can access both of these for free! In fact, the park trail that you need to cross before getting here does not have an entry fee either. 

So, this location becomes a cost-effective but just as glorious one to enjoy. You are welcome to purchase cute souvenirs of the waterfall and the rest of Koh Samui along the streets leading here.

The Secret Buddha Garden

When visiting Koh Samui, know that every other destination you visit has some or the other connection to Gautama Buddha. Since most of Thailand is immersed in Buddhism and its teachings, the pattern in locations seems to follow.

The Secret Buddha Garden is one such place that will leave you speechless as you walk through the green grass. It was formed way back in 1976 when Nim Thongsuk placed these life-like statues in the area. At the time, the family-owned the land and was secluded from the rest of the mainland. Hence, the name. 

Since a thick coat of forest protects it, getting to this location might seem tricky. However, the place makes it worth it all, and you will see that for yourself!

Angthong Marine Park

Carrying off the palette of parks and gardens, Angthong Marine Park is an excellent option for your excursion through Koh Samui as well. While the park is on the outskirts of the island, it is most convenient to travel to this location from Koh Samui itself. 

You get to enjoy a big boating trip to get here, and the whole excursion typically begs for an entire day. You could spend time Kayaking along its coastline or even hiking up Mae Koh. The view of the Emerald Lagoon is simply impeccable from here. 

Relax at the Chaweng Beach 

If the hiking and kayaking get a little too much for you, a day’s break at Chaweng Beach could always help! You might even know this location as Koh Samui’s central hub. After all, it is the beach with the longest coastline.

After you have relaxed throughout the day and replenished all your strength, the bars and restaurants will lure you into Koh Samui’s nightlife. You can hardly be too tired of some cheap alcohol and lively music! 

Visit the capital, Nathon Town

Koh Samui’s capital is just as mesmerizing as all of its beaches and temples. Nathon Town has an endless array of cafes, restaurants, and shops where you can spend your time. They serve quintessential Thai food and cultural objects you could take as souvenirs. 

Besides, if you ever feel the need to stop by the bank, you could do it here. Chinese shophouses surround the whole place and sell everything right from dolls to gold. You could mingle with the localities to get to know their lifestyle better.

Shopping here would be ideal since the prices would be very much affordable.

Zip-Line over the Greenery

If you think you would be struck by the trails and treks of Koh Samui, wait until you look at the island from the sky! You could not replace the beauty of this view with anything else. 

Zip-lining over the dense covers is more than just that; you could feel the fresh breeze awaken you and smell the strong scents of the forest. Moreover, this activity is not all that much of an adventure sport, so you would feel safe while cutting through the mist!

Ang Thong National Marine Park

The ultimate destination that you must absolutely visit is the And Thong National Marine Park. It is diverse not only in its terrestrial and aquatic species but also in the geographical phenomenons. You could take a boat ride from the ports of Koh Samui to get to this archipelago.

Just like the Angthong Marine Park, this location is outside Koh Samui, too; however, the closest way to get to this glorious national marine park is through the island itself. Therefore, if you are planning to visit Koh Samui, do not forget to make a slot for this attraction as well!


Koh Samui is a wondrous phenomenon of nature, and the locals have maintained the island in a way that it is still just as beautiful as it was years ago. The markets are cheap and accessible, beaches are clean, parks and gardens are diverse, and nightlife is lively. In short, you could hardly go wrong planning a trip to this beautiful island!

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