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Top Eight Places To Visit in Zermatt


Located in the mystical spell of Switzerland, Zermatt is one of its most popular destinations. It rests by the foot of the Alpine mountain range, which is the highest in Switzerland. It is said that one visit to this destination is simply not enough. However, if you have been planning your vacation for the summer holidays, this is an ideal place to be in!

Here are the top eight places you can visit and devourer at Zermatt. Be prepared to lose yourself in the beauty-smeared surroundings!

Get Up-Close With the Matterhorn 

Without a doubt, the first thing on such a list will always be the glorious and humongous Matterhorn. It took ages for it to be first conquered, which was not until 1865. It is often compared to Mount Fuji, so you could imagine that it is not so easy to scale the altitude. 

However, cablecars often help you get to a certain height. Rest assured, the view is nothing short of fantastic. 

And here is an interesting fact: the iconic peak that you see on the wrappers of the chocolate Toblerone is Matterhorn indeed! It is so magnificent and huge that you can also see it from a far distance in case you are not a fan of heights.

Visiting Breithorn

Next up is the 4,000-meter Breithorn, which is much easier to scale than the insane heights of the Matterhorn. In fact, this peak is the easiest amongst all the 4000-meter mountains joining its category.

If you deem it necessary, you could always get a qualified guide to help you locate the best vantage points. You might want to be careful of the glaciated slopes, but it should not be too hard to cover the journey in about three hours.  

You will find that the view from the top is unparalleled and extremely mesmerizing.


If you consider yourself to be a risk taker and one for adventures, Zermatt will serve your pleasures immensely. Regardless of which mountain you pick within the Alpines, you will find countless skiing enthusiasts. 

Most of them are either professionals or very experienced, for the slopes and such are not easy to conquer. However, if you are a beginner who wants to try the sport, helper courses can always come to the rescue. 

You could also hire someone to train you for a beginner’s journey so you will not have to miss out on this adventure. 

Village Excursion

Zermatt is perhaps one of the most breathtaking destinations in all of Europe. An exciting fact about this village is that it has car-free lanes. So the tourists and other pedestrians do not have to worry while they wander off in this mystical land!

You can walk through its pleasant streets and sit at quaint cafes and restaurants. You could shop for beautiful souvenirs and explore the old broken alleys of the village. On this trail, you will find rows and rows of old homes and architecture. So, soak it in all you want!

Matterhorn Museum

Sometimes the route to the peak of the Matterhorn is blocked due to weather extremities, and it might happen during the summers as well. However, there is no need to let that get in the way of your enthusiasm! 

Zermatt’s Matterhorn Museum is an excellent alternative for you to spend your time with your eyes wide open. It holds answers to any question you might have about the mountain or the village. Altogether the museum holds about 14 buildings arranged like a typical alpine village. So be assured that you might be spending quite some time here.

Gorner Gorge

If you walk about 15 minutes from central Zermatt, you will end up at Gorner Gorge. It is a gorgeous descending landform that will leave you speechless.

The reason behind its formation dates back to the last ice age when Gornervispe, a glacial river, sliced the ancient serpentine rocks in its path. As a result, a ravine was created, which interestingly continues to intensify with time.

You can continue your stroll through these scapes, especially if you plan to visit in September. Make sure to be there between 15:00 and 16:00 to see a natural phenomenon wherein the light hitting the water gives off a turquoise glow.


Ride the Zermatt-Sunnega funicular for another four minutes, and you will get to the picturesque Sunnega! In simplest words, it is a naturally sun-drenched balcony. So, if you are bored of traveling through the vistas of Zermatt, Sunnegga offers you a glimpse into the wildlife by the Alpines. 

To name a place, Marmots’ Playground would be a good place in Sunnegga for enjoyment. Do note that the trail to this destination is just as enticing. You could also enjoy other summertime activities like swimming between the meadows of Leisee.

Meditate at Schwarzsee

Translated to “Black Lake,” Schwarzsee is a dark surface water body. The reason behind this is that the brooding rock is reflected in it.

You can take a short gondola ride to this calming gem of nature that has been operating since 1954. You will be surprised by how beautiful and clear the Matterhorn looks from this vantage point. 

The little chapel by the water might also interest you; it goes by the name of Mary of the Snows. It serves as an excellent place for mountaineers and travelers to rest and meditate.


Zermatt will always be the popular gem of Switzerland. Its natural geographical phenomenons will leave you speechless. The diversity in destinations is immense as well; whether you are a mountain person, a snow person, a river person, or a garden person… Zermatt will leave you pleased and thoroughly satisfied!

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