Things you Should Avoid During the FIFA World Cup Qatar

Things you should avoid during the FIFA World Cup Qatar

Qatar is a well-known travel getaway among travel enthusiasts because of its wide variety of food, adventure, beaches, sand dunes, and Arabian hospitality. This popularity increased manifold when Qatar got its right to host the FIFA World Cup 2022. The excitement level is high among football fans, who have already begun planning their trip to Qatar.

But before leaving for this gulf nation, everyone should be aware of its restrictions and prohibitions on specific terms. A person should check the list of avoiding things in FIFA Qatar while staying in this gulf country for this gala tournament.

Things that are prohibited in Qatar


Alcohol is taboo in Qatar, and some stringent rules exist on consumption. As Islam is against the use of alcohol, drinking in Qatar is prohibited to some extent. Only limited restaurants, pubs, and other designated areas sell alcohol to tourists. Even the FIFA organizers are planning to set the stadiums alcohol-free. The stadiums will sell alcohol only before and after some matches.

Unlike previous world cups, this time, the fans will not get alcohol throughout the day but at limited times. Though Qatar is not a dry state like neighboring Saudi Arabia, consuming alcohol in public places is still prohibited. The FIFA organizers plan to add more designed areas apart from hotels and bars where visitors will get alcohol.

Football fans can neither carry alcohol into Qatar (even from the airport duty-free) nor purchase it from any liquor shop in Doha. Foreign visitors with permits may purchase liquor for home consumption.

Sex and affection

Qatar is very restricted in terms of culture and religion. Every world cup visitor (both men and women) must respect the local culture. The Government of Qatar has banned every form of sex between unmarried couples during the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Moreover, the government also said there would be no after-parties and other social events during the tournament.

  • No sex outside of marriage 
  • No homosexuality
  • No public displays of affection
  • No drinking or partying after matches

While breaking these laws, you may get jailed for seven years. No foreign tourists are allowed to show obscene gestures or vulgarity or speak words that could hurt the sentiments of others.

When communicating with the opposite gender, no man is allowed to talk to or touch an unknown woman. This is truly a crime, and you may face strict consequences. Even for married couples, showing overt affection and intimacy in public is frowned upon. So, control your emotions while walking with your partner on the streets of Qatar.

Dress Code

Elegant dressing plays a crucial part in Qatar’s rules and regulations. Every FIFA visitors need to follow this rule. As per the culture of Qatar, both men and women need to cover their knees and shoulders. No short dresses or sleeveless clothing is allowed in public places like stadiums, malls, etc.

No swimsuits are allowed on the beaches in Qatar, and no body-hugging fashion attires are recommended at parties or social events. So, while packing your bags for the upcoming FIFA, carry only loose and fully covering clothes.


Photographs are the only ways to keep your travelling memories alive. The law of Qatar doesn’t allow clicking photos of military sites, religious places, and construction areas to preserve the country’s authenticity, security, and respect for values. There is a strict law against such activities that can lead to imprisonment. 

But as an ardent football fan, you can click photographs with your camera if you get a permit from the “Filming & Photo Permit Request | Qatar 2022”. After receiving your request, the authority permits you to capture photography and videography at the Filming & Photo locations.

What not to pack in your Qatar FIFA 2022 journey

To make your Qatar FIFA trip more unforgettable, you should entirely refrain from bringing the below-mentioned items to the country. This gulf nation has some severe restrictions on these items.

  • Weapons, firearms and ammunition
  • Pork products
  • Narcotic drugs
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • In possession of illicit material like pornography
  • Carrying more than 400 cigarettes

The aforementioned travel guide for FIFA Qatar 2022 will make your Qatar trip memorable and happy forever.

Qatar’s vibrant, rich culture welcomes every football fan, irrespective of caste and color. The country has love and dedication towards its nation and religion, and thus, it has some rules which everyone should follow. Being a responsible traveller, you must follow the regulations set by the governing body with the above-mentioned things to avoid in FIFA Qatar 2022.

If you want to enjoy every essence of FIFA football, book your flights and accommodation to Qatar with Bookitngo and ensure you respect every aspect of the country.  

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