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Things to do in Hawaii for a dream vacation

Dream Vacation in Hawaii

Hawaii is a renowned travel getaway which embraces visitors with a warm welcome. The enthralling volcanoes, coast, and wildlife make this island one of the most popular travel destinations across the globe. It is captivating to hang around with your loved ones on a pristine beach and get tanned; however, there are many fantastic things to do in Hawaii to make your vacation memorable.

During your holidays in Hawaii, local tour-conducting companies will show you the major attractions of the islands, from exploring underwater submarines to observing the colorful fish and corals to awe-inspiring helicopter trips.

Here, we will mention the top things you can do on your dream vacation in Hawaii.

Swim with the Dolphins

Swim with the Dolphins in Hawaii

It is a great activity that everyone will enjoy on their dream vacation in Hawaii. Try to visit Oahu in May, as this is the time when large groups of dolphins seem to hold a convention of their own.

Seeing these mammals forming spirals and wheels in the water is intriguing and beautiful. Set your spirit free and enjoy the Pacific Ocean with dolphins sharing their common intelligence and nature with you.

The Sea Life Park at Makapuu Point is one of the places where you can swim with dolphins. You can also watch animal shows with penguins and sea lions at this fun park.

Walk on some of the world’s best beaches

Benaulim beach in Hawaii
No trip to Hawaii would be complete without relaxing on the beach, and there is no better place than Sunset Beach Park on Oahu’s north shore. The clean and beautiful waters are perfect for swimmers and surfers. Or you can lie on the long sandy beach with your favorite book and drink.

You can even head for a black sand beach instead of going on a white sand beach. Imagine the excitement for the kids when they first see the rare sparkling black shores of Punaluu Beach. Bring the camera and capture those precious moments.

Feel the Heat on the Volcanoes

Volcanoes in Hawaii

Flame your stay in Hawaii by getting close to several active and dormant volcanoes. Visit the Volcanoes National Park on the main island, and explore the mystery and wonder of these natural formations. Want to see a volcano erupt? If you get a front-row seat, you can witness the fiery hot lava make its way from the top of the volcano to the ocean below.

You can hike around the rainforest, feel the vents’ discharging steam, and walk through lava tubes.

Helicopter tour

Aircraft helicopter flight in Hawaii

It would be the best way to experience the panoramic beauty of Hawaii. These are not just your regular flying tours. When you go for a helicopter ride here, you won’t just see the action from high up among the clouds. The pilots will swoop down for close-up views of the jungles, rainforests, and volcanoes. If you want to get an inside view of a volcano, this could be your chance.

Visit the Polynesian Luau Centre

Polynesian Luau Centre in Hawaii

This centre will take you through the island nations of Polynesia. If you want to learn about village life, cultures, and natives, there is no better place to experience it than the Polynesian Centre.

A vast selection of shows and activities are available, ranging from canoe racing, spear throwing, cooking, fire making and even tree climbing. Visitors are spoilt for choice, and the more activities you participate in, the more you save. So, make the most of your vacation in Hawaii and join in the fun.

Here you will see women in grass skirts and men in face paint, fire dancers and traditional music depicting Polynesian traditions and culture.

Horseback riding

Horseback riding in Hawaii

On your dream vacation in Hawaii, don’t miss horseback riding. It’s a stunning way to see the enthralling countryside and explore some lesser-known forests, mountains, and beaches.

Visit Pearl Harbor Memorial

Visit Pearl Harbor in Hawaii

Pearl Harbor is still a popular attraction for tourists from all over the world looking to learn about what happened during the WWII attacks. It is the place where tourists can pay their respects to all those who lost their lives that day. Visitors are shown a film detailing the attack, followed by a boat shuttle to the USS Arizona Memorial showcasing submarine, gun, and torpedo exhibits. The memorial is a moving and educational experience.

Surfing Hawaiian Style

Surfing Hawaiian
If you are planning to visit the Hawaiian Islands, you must check out some of the top sites for surfing. Even if you don’t surf, you can still enjoy watching the action as some of the best surfers in the world test their skills at Oahu’s North Shore.

Visit the only US Palace

Lolani Palace has the distinction of being the only royal residence ever built on US lands. The building is magnificent and worth seeing while you are on vacation. Your kids will enjoy hearing some of the stories about former Hawaiian kings and queens.

Rainforest Ramblings

Rainforest Ramblings in Hawaii
On your vacation in Hawaii, take a tour of the rainforests on foot or in a jeep and imagine that you have stepped back in time. These tours will take you splashing through streams, and the paths will seemingly disappear from view. The guides will make sure that you don’t get lost, and they can find their way without a GPS. Colorful birds, dazzling blossoms and tropical trees keep you snapping pictures the entire day.

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving in Hawaii
Seeing the brilliant colors of the marine life that lives among the reefs and waters surrounding the Hawaiian Islands is a not to be missed opportunity. You will also have the chance to watch Green Sea Turtles, tropical fish, and whales. You can pack your own gear for these activities or rent what you need when you arrive on the Big Island.

Sea kayaking

Sea kayaking in Hawaii

Sea kayaking is a thrilling sport that you must do in Hawaii, especially in summer or winter. This activity helps you to explore isolated sea caves, less popular beaches, and wildlife. During winter, you may even get a glimpse of glorious Humpback Whales. Surfing is one of the most popular things to do in Hawaii. Experienced instructors will provide novice visitors lessons for short and longboards.

Play golf

Hawaii also has world-class golf courses with a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean. It’s a perfect place to play golf because of its vivid topography, ideal growing conditions for lush fairways and flowering vegetation, and pleasant weather.

Pineapple plantation at Dole Plantation

Pineapple plantation in Hawaii

Dole Plantation is a popular visitor attraction in Hawaii and welcomes more than one million visitors annually. Here, you can participate in various activities with your loved ones, including the Pineapple Express Train Tour, the Plantation Garden Tour, and the Pineapple Garden Maze. Most importantly, don’t forget to purchase fresh pineapples while returning home.

Shop and Dine in Waikiki

There are many shopping centers where you can find rare items and cool stuff. Don’t forget to taste exotic cuisines like Chinese, Japanese, Korean, American, and European on your dream vacation in Hawaii.

This paradise has lots of beautiful things to offer. You can share many beautiful memories with your loved ones and make your Hawaii vacation memorable.

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