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The eight most unforgettable destinations: Maafushi Islands


The Maldives has become a trendy destination for travelers in recent years. The geographical canvas of whites and blues is unquestionably appealing to most. However, you would hate to ruin your experience because you have no breathing space given its heavy tourist population!

Well, here is a spectacular offbeat alternative to popular Maldives hotspots that will not rob you of your peace of mind and holiday spirits! Straight from Maafushi Island, here are a bunch of unforgettable places where you can make exquisite memories!

The Adventures of Fishing and Cooking

If you are from a region that is not most necessarily surrounded by water bodies, you might be missing out on a significant life experience. It is probably unlikely that you have had the chance to eat the fish you caught all by yourself!

Maafushi offers you the excellent opportunity to delve into such an activity. If you request it, most guest houses are more than happy to arrange a fishing trip for you. They provide you with the necessary equipment and basic know-how of the activity. 

You will not have difficulty catching your fish if you are lucky and skilled. However, most newbies end up spending the better part of the day, so patience is vital. That aside, would it not be delightful to reap the fruits of your handwork as you eat your meal by the waters at the end of the day?

Sandbank Excursion

What could be more soothing in hot summers than soft ripples as you row through the backwater-like excursions? 

Maafushi’s sandbank tour serves as an excellent alternative to the traditional backwater rides. The snow-white sand and clear waters offer you the unique experience. This geographical creation is truly mesmerizing for the natural bends and curves it produces. 

No trip to the Maldives is quite satisfactory without at least one visit to the sandbanks. The striking lagoons and water troughs also allow you to go snorkeling if you so wish.  

Local Culture Dive

Do not mistake the small size of this island for the lack of cultural diversity! In fact, it is perhaps a very appealing selling point when it comes to Maafushi. Besides, traveling to different spaces of this globe is meant to facilitate delving into the different cultures.

From sunbathing hotspots to football fields, this island caters to all interests of its traveling population. Even if you walk from one place to another, you will find the streets brimming with local cultures. 

If you are daring enough, you could make your way to the south of the island where the prison lies. It is a part of Maafushi that is somewhat intimidating but promising of a small adventure.

Dolphins and the Sunset

Who said you had to dive into the blues to enjoy its beauty? With an exciting dolphin safari, you could manage your piece from atop the surface. Maafushi might not be a hotspot for tourists yet, but it has been one for dolphins for years now. 

Regardless of which area your resort is in, chances are that the closest water body will offer you a shot at this beautiful experience. Do not be surprised if a school of dolphins comes and interacts with you, for they are an extremely intelligent species. 

Experiences the Floating Bars

You can hardly have the quintessential beach experience without a nice beverage in your hand! Now, Maafushi is an Islamic island, so it does not encourage alcohol consumption. However, it does not mean that you cannot find a way around this rule. 

Several hotel and resort managements arrange cruise and on-water tours where tourists can enjoy alcoholic drinks. How often would you get to experience lively nightlife while floating on a few of the most mesmerizing waters!

Snorkeling Through the Blues

Believe it or not, all the guesthouses on this island offer to arrange a fulfilling snorkeling adventure for you. Aside from those, you have three authentic organizations/companies at your disposal for expert guidance. 

If you are a newbie, it is always advisable to book a PADI-certified beginner course that helps you get the hang of it. An experienced individual or professional teaches you the skill necessary for a safe adventure. They will also expose you to mind-blowing facts about the underwater life species that you eventually encounter. 

Banana Reef and Maafushi corner are the most common and busy spots for this activity, given their diverse underwater scene. 

Indulge in Water-sports

Carrying off the previous idea, you have several other options for enjoying water sports. So, if you are afraid of going underwater to have a great time, you could always partake in activities like parasailing, gliding, boat riding, and such.

The guesthouses at Maafushi are highly accommodating of your needs. Having years and years of experience, they can help you figure out which water sport is ideal for you. Regardless of which activity you choose, you always have the option to take up a small beginner’s course. 

While safety is a concern for all, lifeguards are always close by in case an emergency arises. But if there is a place where you give water sports a try for the first time, it is on such islands of the Maldives. 

The Island Resort Experience

Almost like saving the last for the best, Fihalhohi offers you the island experience at Maafushi. The sunny side by the white sandy beaches is nothing short of exquisite. Meanwhile,  if you are more of a sunset person, you can watch the soft settling light glimmer off the faraway waves!

While this experience is subject to additional and respective costs, it offers you diverse opportunities to enjoy your vacation. For example, you have endless water sports if you are one for adventure. However, if you much rather prefer the calm and quiet, you could simply relax by the shore and enjoy the lush greenery. 


The Maldives are always going to be a hot place of attraction for tourists from all around the world. Its unique beauty is why many people end up visiting again. However, if you are a first-timer and want an authentic and undisturbed experience, Maafushi is the way to go. 

The Island is not only idyllic in all senses but also easily accessible, which makes it so appealing and convenient!

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