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Prague Itinerary: 10 Must-Visit Places In The City Of A Hundred Spires

Whether it’s the vivid baroque-style buildings or medieval churches, Prague is a splendid location for all history buffs. 

The city carries a hypnotic architecture with awe-inspiring scientific histories behind multiple concepts.  It offers a picturesque experience to visitors who are inclined to observe architectural prowess spread across Prague.  

The combination of appealing castles, expansive parks, and monumental intricacies nurture a magical feeling for every visitor of Prague. If digging through history is your interest, here’re a few places that you shouldn’t miss in your Czech itinerary! 

Begin at the heart of the city I.e. Old Town

One of the most intriguing destinations for Prague travelers is its Old Town. Rife with the well-preserved rich history of Prague, this square holds the maximum attention of every dweller in Prague. You can find families, tourists, touts, etc. Passing through the place every minute. 

Moreover, the beautiful medieval churches and catacombs can offer the history enthusiast satisfaction through their majestic structures. 

In addition, you can also enjoy various artists exhibiting their skills in the square. 

While you’re savoring the creative delight, don’t forget to notice the astronomical clock located on the southern side of the Old Town area and its exquisite artistry. It provides the relative positions of the Moon, Sun, Earth, and Zodiac Constellations. 

Fun Fact: The clock carries an apparent curse by the maker that whoever will try to fix it would go insane. 

Walk across the Letná Park

Situated across the Jewish Quarter, the park features multiple walking trains and cafes to take a pleasant stroll with. You can observe a number of art students flocking the area for painting the magnificent landscape. 

As soon as you come across the Chotkovy Sady, you will find yourself surrounded by beautiful gardens and back views of Prague Castle. The calm and secluded trails make it the perfect strolling escapade for a romantic couple.

Underground Prague Tour awaits

As vivid and luxurious as the above-ground architecture, you will be surprised to know that Prague is beautiful inside out. 

On the underground tours, you can explore a variety of catacombs which were remnants of the old houses. The trail provides an in-depth analysis of the history of the city and the relevance of these monuments in creating the rich heritage.

Exploration of Kutná Hora

Kutná Hora used to be the center of immense significance during the medieval era. It was a mining ground for silver in Bohemia which kept the ancient kinds rich and famous. 

Nowadays the town is popular for its bone church I.e. Sedlec Ossuary having more than 70,000 skeletons. 

Explore the Powder Tower

Constructed in 1475, the Powder tower owes its name to its usage I.e storing gunpowder. It is one of the original 13 city gates. 

The tower was heavily destroyed in 1757 in the battle of Prague. However, most of its artifacts were restored by 1876. 

Visit the Kafka Museum

If you’re an avid Kafka fan, be ready to explore the original pieces of his work in the museum. The place holds a number of Kafka’s first edition works including letters, diaries, and sketches created by him. Interestingly, the exhibition was first shown in 1999 in Barcelona and later moved to New York before finally coming to Prague. 

You need to get an entry ticket to experience the world of Kafka at the cost of $ 0.99 per person. 

Discover the country life

Prague can be experienced in the best manner by exploring the city like a local person. One of the most productive outcomes this approach provides is the discovery of the mindblowing Czech food. 

While you’re navigating through the streets, do relish the dishes from Country Life, VinoGraf, and Las Adelitas! 

Klementium visit

Bring out the scientific kid as you experience the instruments used by Galileo to gift astronomy to the world. 

At Klementium, you can take a closer look at Kepler and Tycho which the astronomer used to make history while looking at the stars. 

Moreover, the sight of terracotta rooftops from the tower’s lookout is absolutely mesmerizing no matter how many times you view it! 

Note: Don’t forget to carry your comfortable shoes as reaching the heights of the tower require some steep climbing. 

Museum of Communism

Sandwiched between McDonald’s and a casino, you can find the museum of communism to walk you through different phases of communism. The exhibit carries three different rooms to demonstrate the concepts of The Dream, The Reality, and The Nightmare. 

The rooms contain several artifacts and create the exact feeling which was popularized during the Communist rule. 

Tour of Prague Castle

UNESCO’s World Heritage Site and the torchbearer of Prague’s history, the palace boasts of 1000 years of heritage. Founded in 880 AD, the castle was the throne of power for Bohemian Kings. 

Interestingly, it’s still in use as the official seat of the president of the Czech Republic.

To enter the premises, you will require to buy a castle ticket which costs $ 13.98. It is applicable for the consecutive two days including the day of the purchase.

In a nutshell

Lying at the center of Europe, Prague carries a Bohemian appeal with fairytale features to make it the perfect destination for any visitor. On top of this, the rich cultural history of the place draws in tourists from all over the world. 

If you can devote days to reading about the history of an area while immersing yourself in the music and art the place offers, Prague is for you!

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