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Searching for a reason to escape the house this end of the week and hit the road on fun So Cal experience? Discover Southern California’s best spots with these speedy trips that will take you to a few of the area’s top destinations. Getting to these spots is a quick drive from most parts of So Cal, so there is no compelling need to spend hours in the car. So which excursion will you be doing this weekend?

  1. Kimberly Crest House and Gardens

Who doesn’t cherish the excellence of a palace?! Particularly one that seems as though it’s right out of a fairy tale! Not exclusively is this palace an incredible sight to see from an external perspective, however, Kimberly Crest House and Gardens are available to people in general for visits. Visit the authority site for event dates and times, as well as parts more pictures and data!

  1. Ventura Harbor Village

The excursion combines the ideal combinations of sea perspectives, shops, and cafés in abundance, in a setting that overlooks the sea at each point. If you enjoy exploring new attractions in Southern California, you’ll need to try to add this to your excursion list of must-dos, as it’s certainly worth finding face to face for a fun end-of-the-week trip. Discover more about this little town here.

  1. De Portola Wine Trail

Nothing is more comfortable than an excursion through wine country. Take off and go to Temecula where you will track down the De Portola Wine Trail along De Portola Road. Whether you are tasting and inspecting wine (try to delegate an assigned driver, obviously) or you’re simply participating in the superb setting and dazzling slope sees, this is one excursion that you will always remember. Peruse more with regards to the De Portola Wine Trail here.

  1. Balboa Island

Those of you who grew up in Southern California is likely to have fond memories of visiting Balboa Island as a child. You will always feel childlike when visiting this renowned So Cal destination, even if you’re fully grown. The excursion takes you straight to Balboa Island, where you will board the ship. When you show up you can walk around central avenue and peruse the neighborhood shops, take a ride on the Ferris Wheel, and snatch a chocolate-plunged banana or your beloved frozen dessert. Explore Balboa Island in more detail here.

  1. The Huntington Library

There is no better place to be than a short drive down the road and feel like you are miles away from the world. A day could easily be spent investigating the dazzling environmental factors of The Huntington. You’ll find nurseries that will blow you away, stunning designs that you’ll be envious of, and even playgrounds that are magazine-worthy here. Learn more about Huntington Beach here. Reservations are required for weekends with limited capacity.

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