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Eight Unmissable Adventures to Partake in at Cappadocia


Turkey has always been a prominent place of attraction amongst travelers of the world. It stands for the interaction between the two cultures of the east and the west. Cappadocia is one such place that screams beauty sought within its gems of nature and artificial creations. 

Regardless of which boulevard you find yourselves in, be prepared for your breath to be stolen from you. Needless to say, the amalgamation of cultures is breathtaking and nowhere else to be found.

Here are the top eight picks of the most Turkish things you can do at Cappadocia! 


A Glass of Champagne in a Hot Air Balloon

There is no better way to start off a Turkish bucket list than sipping from a glass of champagne while floating in the air.

You will be flown over the pretty fairy chimneys of the land with mesmerizing views of tuff valleys. If you nail it just right, you could have a view of a sunrise or sunset. This experience is like nothing else, mainly because you will not have other people interfering in your experience!

This journey lasts from an hour to four and could also fly you over the rock-cut monuments and churches. A beautiful ride through the cloud-like mists of Cappadocia is just what you might need after all!

An Adventurous ATV Tour

If you fancy a nice ride, you know this one’s for you. Nothing boosts your adrenaline more than biking through a foreign land for an adventurous soul like yours. 

You can devour the prettiest and most abundant valleys of Cappadocia. As an alternative to sunset in a hot air balloon, watching one from the Rose Valley could be just as mesmerizing. 

However, the road is yours to take, so you could always go freehand with your journey and explore new places. One of the most popular places for such ATV tours is the Love Valley which has endless rock formations for you to enjoy. 

Göreme Open-Air Museum

The Göreme Open-Air Museum really speaks for what you might expect from it. It is located in the historical Nevsehir province and is essentially the center of Turkey. 

This museum is a series of rock-cut monasteries divided by divine frescoed walls. The same goes for its ceilings, all of which was built way back in the first half of the 10th century. There is no better way to describe it than by calling it a geographical wonder which grew off a volcanic eruption from Mount Erciyes. 

You will also find many rock-cut monasteries and churches at this location. It truly is a wondrous sight to experience in one’s lifetime.

Pottery at Avanos

You hardly have the time to try your hand at new things like arts and crafts while you are still busy with life in your hometown. However, vacations are the ideal opportunities to let the artist in you take control!

At Avanos, you can not only buy exquisite works of pottery but also make some yourself! The local artisans will be more than happy to get you started if you are willing to get your hands a little dirty. 

If you have always been one for some artwork, it would surprise you to know that Avanos is one of the most popular attractions for pottery in Turkey!

Excursion through the Underground Cities

Lo and behold, another ‘never-seen-before’ wonder of Cappadocia! This place is known for its ancient underground cities that shared cultures years and years ago. Due to natural degradation, some of the towns have perished with time. However, 36 of them still exist. 

Anthropologists, archeologists, and other professionals are working day and night to conserve these structures but the ravages of time seldom listen to man. So, why not make your way to these glorious underground cities with rich histories and stories? 

You might want to hire a professional guide while you tour through these cave-like places for justified insight.

Get Carried Away at the Imagination Valley

Officially known as the Devrent Valley, this location is another of the unique attractions in Cappadocia. As the name suggests, you must give a chance to let your imagination go amuck. How?

Well, the rocks in this valley beg for it! Their various formations resemble diverse things from birds to animals and perhaps some fictitious creatures. The sight is almost surreal, especially for its lunar landscape appeal amongst avid tourists. 

It definitely makes you feel like you are in some fairyland. Instead of making something out of various cloud formations as always, the rocks have something vastly different to offer!

Delve into the Love Valley of Cappadocia

The Love Valley of Cappadocia is another wonder created due to a natural phenomenon ages ago. It is located right outside of Göreme so that you can club the two places together for a smart travel plan. The commute time between the two is about ten minutes by car.

One thing you do not have to worry about when visiting the Love Valley is its open hours. Since it is a geographically boundless area, it is open all day and all night. You could arrange for a romantic dinner by these rocks and have yourself a candle-lit memory. 

Most wanderers who come to this valley are seeking a romantic adventure. The location is such that you are not left disappointed in the least.

Stay in a Cave: The Authentic Cappadocian Experience

There is nothing more exotic and refreshing than stepping out of your everyday mundanities to experience the lifestyle of different cultures. While the current generations of Cappadocia do not necessarily live in intricately designed caves, those in the ancient times did; just like our ancestors from anywhere around the world. 

The difference is that Cappadocians have managed to safeguard their heritage wonderfully. The locals have even managed to carve out their own evolved styles of art and architecture within this place of soft sandstone. 

Several hotels and resorts like Local Cave House Hotel, Koza Cave Hotel, or Wings Cappadocia have birthed such ideas for travelers. It may surprise you that these well-thought accommodations are cool and comfortable even in the summer!


Turkey has a diverse palette when it comes to geographical and cultural spheres, but it is known that Cappadocia is surely something else. It is almost like a fairyland that you ought to visit at least once in your lifetime.

If you plan on conducting an excursion through Turkey, you must include Cappadocia for its natural and artificial wonders. The lifestyle and attractions, be it up in the sky or down below in the undercities, will take your breath away!

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