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Eight Things To Do When In Lima


Are you planning a vacation to Peru? Well, the chances are that one of your stops will be its capital, Lima. It is located by the Pacific coast, so the flora and fauna that comes along with it will leave you mesmerized. 

From historical sites to beaches, from the valleys to the architecture, here are the top eight things you must do when in Lima!

Take in the Beauty of Malecón de Miraflores

Malecon de Miraflores is a beautiful, calming boardwalk that has the spectacular ocean on one side and lush green grass on the other. It overlooks a long beach shore and extends until meeting the horizon.

The place is easy to walk and stretches up to five miles. Therefore, you do not have to worry about it being too crowded because you can always find your spot along its length. Besides being spacious, it is also spotless so you would feel happy to be here as a tourist.

The best time to visit is during sunset, prior to which you could spend time at Larcomar for shopping.

Try an Adventure Sport

If you are not much of a walker, you could excite the adventurer in you by taking up a thrilling activity. While at Malecon de Miraflores, you could go biking! You would also have a wonderful football court at your disposal. 

However, nothing would give you quite the adrenaline rush like paragliding, flying over the luscious and juicy-viewed coast! This 10-minute journey is genuinely mind-blowing, and you will not even realize how fast time passes.

The best part is that you could get your experience video-tapped on an SD memory card. It would cost you approximately US$85 per passenger, but you do not need to make the booking in advance!

The Plaza Mayor Experience

Your trip to Lima, and Peru in general, will always be incomplete if you do not visit the Plaza Mayor. On your walk through these bright and vibrant surroundings, you could also stop by the Government and Municipal Palace. 

Please note that this is the oldest and most famous public place here. The purpose of designing it was for all the institutional buildings. It is, after all, the center of the city. Therefore, all the ceremonial events— whether religious, state-related, or military— are conducted right here.

Visit the Cathedral of Lima

The Cathedral of Lima is one of the established institutional buildings you will find on your walk around the Plaza Mayor. It stands tall on the land where Pizarro, a Spanish conquistador, first built a church back in 1535. 

Whether you are a history buff or architecture, this cathedral would serve your interest the best. Regardless of the time that has passed and the newer buildings that have come about, the cathedral still stands gloriously with its baroque built. 

Try Pisco Sour!

Every country has its own alcoholic specialty. Like Vodka is for Russians, Pisco is for Peruvians. This beverage-cum-delicacy is something else and takes the industry to a whole new level. 

From this delicacy, the people eventually also came up with Pisco Sour, which is much more popular. To give you a bit of a worded illustration, it is a harmonious amalgamation of Pisco (the liquor), lemon or lime juice, cane extracts, and a special ingredient. Do not be grossed out by what it is because it is a part of what makes the drink so delicious: egg whites! It sits in a foam right on top of the drink for you to enjoy.

Stop by the Saint Francis Monastery

Locally known as the Basilica y Convento de San Francisco, this monastery consists of an impressive library with beautifully designed catacombs. You will further find underground vaults here that were in use until the 19th century. It was like a safe resting space for fraternities. It is said that about 25,000 bodies were once inside this structure. 

It also holds a local edition of The Last Supper painting by Diego de la Puente, which you might have heard of if you are an art enthusiast. 

The best time to visit would be at around 9 AM when the monastery opens because then you would be able to beat the crowd. You could savor this attraction a lot better!

Visit the Larco Museum from the 18th Century

This museum from the 18th century is home to artifacts from pre-Colombian times. It was once a vice-royal building, so the appeal goes up even more! It is an exhibition of over 50,000 intricately designed pots that speak of the ceramic ethic of the time.

The artifacts are related to the Cupisnique, Nazca, Chancay, Inca, and Chimú cultures. It would help if you made time to see the Café del Museo; it will be on-site itself, across the private gardens of blooming bougainvilleas.

The entry fee is approximately US$10, and you could always book your tickets in advance.

Circuito Mágico de Aguas

After you have spent the whole day wandering about, it is time for something relaxing. Get yourselves to the Park of the Reserve for a stunning magic water circuit at 6.30 PM to be amazed by the fountain and other waterworks!

The music, ambiance, videos, and all else are so harmonious with each other. You will notice that it is hardly a show and more of a performance! 

An array of more than fifteen fountains work with each other to calm your eyes and mind with this soothing performance. The timing for each show is as follows: 7:15 PM, 8:15 PM, and 9:30 PM. However, it is recommended to get there thirty minutes before time to get a good seat. The ticket will cost only about US$1.5, which you can purchase at Parque de la Reserva entrance.


As mentioned earlier, you have not seen all of Peru without visiting its capital, Lima. It is a destination with the perfect mixture of the natural gems of greens and blues and artificial infrastructure.

The weather tends to fluctuate, and you might have to deal with the traffic a little. However, nothing will beat the scenic beauties, and you will realize that it is all worth the hassle!


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