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Eight Attractions At Mauritius That Will Leave You Mesmerized


Mauritius is a land of natural charms that open its door to newlyweds, big families, and everyone in between.

If you have been considering visiting Mauritius upcoming holiday season, there are a few attractions you cannot miss. Here are the top eight picks that will undoubtedly leave you mesmerized!

A Rejuvenating Dive into the West Coast

A dive into the western coasts of Mauritius is just the activity for you, especially if you are someone who lives far away from any waterbody. Here you will find stunning lagoons surrounded by greens. 

If you are not a fan of deep waters, these coasts will have you carefree in their picturesque shallow waters. You can explore the various reef formations all along the rim of this lagoon. To keep things exciting, mother nature also made it so that the tide breaks out before the horizon’s backdrop.

The West Coast is fairly versatile in that you could also get to see the beauty of underwater cliffs. Besides, the myriad of marine life will make you want to keep your eyes open endlessly.

Black River Gorges, National Park

Mauritius is not just about the blues but also the lush greens. In the forested interior of this beautiful island, you will find the well-known Black River Gorges, National Park. It is a well-protected wilderness project that is only 30 minutes away from its closet beach. 

Its diverse flora and fauna will have you spellbound, especially because they are mostly endangered species that you may not have seen before. You will find rare birds like pink pigeons and the Mauritius kestrel.

You can cherish the wonderful forest trails and also hike up until you stand next to the glorious waterfalls.

Chamarel and other Magnificent Mountain Hikes

The farther you move from the coast, the closer you will get to the humongous, jaw-dropping mountains. The most popular of these is the Chamarel mountain. Getting to the top seems especially rewarding because the entire trail is full of sights you may have never seen.

Once you are on the top, nothing could ever replace the view you have from there! It would make you happy to know that Chamarel also has a rising culinary reputation. The island owes it to the numerous family-run business, cafes, and fine-dine restaurants. 

Getting to these restaurants is almost like a treasure hunt because they are all hidden between trees and rocks of the mountain. 

Learn To Cook Mauritian Creole Foods

Perhaps the best part of traveling to different places on this globe is to taste the divinely distinct foods that other cultures have to offer. Mauritius is not only known for its picturesque scenery but also for its food!

Instead of devouring the island flavors at a restaurant and wondering how good it is, get yourself behind the curtains and cook some Mauritian food yourself! You can sign up for a beginner’s course wherein professionals teach you all about their cultural melting pot secrets. Be prepared because this cuisine is a wondrous amalgamation of Indian, Chinese, Creole, and Franco-Mauritian influences. You might want to visit Chef Marie-Ange for her exquisite culinary skills at her restaurant named Le Barbizon, which is in Chamarel itself.

Excursion through Rodrigues

Mauritius has several remote quarters that are just as worth exploring. If you have made your way to this beautiful island, you might as well go on an excursion to its surroundings. One such destination is Rodrigues.

Interestingly, it feels like a completely different experience, as though the land is from a different time and space. The lifestyle of the locals is aimed toward the pleasures of everyday life. Do not be surprised by how well every person interacts with and interacts with the other. No land gets more peaceful than Rodrigues!

You could spend your time mingling with these lovely people or boating with giant tortoises. The Saturday market is quite an interesting sight at Port Mathurin, and so is snorkeling by La Passe St François. 

Visit Île aux Aigrettes

People’s liking for offbeat attractions has grown in these recent years. Avid travelers hardly want to go to crowded destinations anymore, which is understandable. So, if you are one of those people who want to take the road less traveled, Île aux Aigrettes is for you.

This picturesque location lies off the lagoon on the southeast coast and is abundant in old ebony trees. Make sure to be on the lookout for the giant turtles here as well!

Île aux Aigrettes has also been imagined as the wild, ancient Mauritian civilians’ life. Legend has it that explorers were always welcomed with immense celebration. Why not make a trip to experience it for yourself! 

Time Machine Back To Old Mauritius Mansions

Since Mauritius has had a rich and eventful history, there is an array of old Dutch, French and British quarters everywhere. It gained independence from European rule in 1968, but the sugar and tea plantations have been maintained to this day.

Indian Ocean’s most glorious and most fabulous treasures of architecture are right here in these mansions.

These homes have lush green gardens, leading to a huge verandah and sky-high ceilings. The cantilevered windows further add to the grandeur of it all.

Play With the Whales and Dolphins

If you simply want to relax on your vacation, the east coast is the way to go, for it has all the well-known and popular resorts. However, if the adventurer in you seeks more than that, the west coast has all the possible water sports for you. 

While you might be aware of parasailing, snorkeling, and such, swimming with whales and dolphins is quite unique. You can spot several other aquatic creatures and book a professional who can give you more information about them. 


Mauritius has always been a popular destination for tourists, and it will continue to be that way for the years to come. After all, it has a versatile geographic profile wherein the climate and weather do not drain you of your energy. 

So, the island’s multi-dimensional faces would be perfect whether you are planning a relaxing vacation or an adventurous one. 

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