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8 Most Scenic Destinations You Will Only Find in Kerala


If there’s one factor that sets Kerala on a pedestal over its neighbors, it is its perennial climatic accountability. With a geographic canvas smeared with lush greens and blues, the state can never cease to be a tourist hotspot. Interestingly, the footfall would not overwhelm you, for Kerala is spread over 15,001 sq. mi. Endless reasons account for why it is, after all, “God’s own country”! Are you trying to make up your mind about finding yourself within these beautiful scapes? Well, here is a list of X locations to persuade you into booking your tickets!

Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary 

If you are a history buff, it might excite you to know that Periyar is not only rich in terms of wildlife. From the Pandayas to the Travancores, prominent dynasties have overseen the beautiful premises. 

A safari across the sanctuary will introduce you to over 200 species of mammals, reptiles, birds, fishes, and amphibians! Even if you visit in the summers, the tropical evergreens will leave you pleased. 

You have a boat cruise at your disposal, the upper deck of which is arguably the best for wildlife watching. Alternatively, you can avail yourself of a Jeep Safari, Elephant Safari, or Nightlife Safari as well! This all-encompassing journey offers scenic flora-fauna, aqueous, and historical significances for you to cherish.

Backwater Excursion 

Carrying off the previous palette of greens, you must cruise through the waters of blue next. Nothing soothes one more than calm backwaters, especially during hot summers. 

This bit of your trip offers you an experience inside a houseboat with authentic and traditional Kerala meals. Besides, one could never get enough of the exquisite wooden carpentry on these houseboats, so beautiful sight is assured, inside or out! The pickup schedule usually starts from Cochin Port. 

Since Alleppey is considered the hub of Kerala’s backwaters, the network is exhaustive. Each route gives you a unique experience. So, you also have the option to book a houseboat for a few days until you are delighted.


This one is for all the tea fanatics! Believe it or not, around 80,000 miles of this hill station are covered in tea plantations. This town is a part of the glorious Western Ghats, which explains the cold winds and mists.

Interestingly, it is one of India’s most common and liked honeymoon spots. Several factories give you insight into the inner workings of tea production for curious buffs out there. 

It is about 90 miles from Kochi airport but do not mistake this journey for being boring and monotonous! The scenic routes will have you feeling fresh all the way. Besides, you could always rejuvenate yourself with a cup of tea or a walk along the plantations! 

Kovalam and its coasts

Just when you thought Kerala could not get more relaxing, it is time to introduce you to Kovalam. This magnificent coastal town offers the most effective massage and spa treatments. Its success in the Ayurvedic industry has been recognized globally. 

Not only is it a delight to visit in the summers but also near the year-end, when the town comes together. You could find yourself on one of its beaches as well! Its sunbathing fests are known internationally, especially for its rich culture infusion.


Another seaside location popular in Kerala is Varkala. If you thought Kerala was only about peace and calm, you underestimated its versatility! This state area is essentially known for all the water sports ever enjoyed. 

From boat riding to surfing or even parasailing, Varkala offers you the adventure of your choice. If you are not much of a water adventurist, you also have the option of horseback riding along the shore. It makes you feel like a hero right out of a Bollywood movie!

Although it is along the coastal geography of India, you can enjoy the weather here from August to the end of June.

Kannur Cashew Plantations

You cannot visit India without stumbling into one of the nut plantations. Kerala’s Kannur region is rich in cashew production and industries. You may also know it by its old name Cannanore, whose exhaustive history surprises most. 

Given its deep historical background, architectural significance increases as well. From ancient temples to break-taking monuments, Kannur Cashew plantations are well connected all over. Surprisingly, that is not it! The beaches close by are known to be the most luxurious of all. 

Athirapilly Biodiversity Hotspot

If you could not manage a booking at Kerala’s popular Periyar Wildlife Safari, worry not! Falling closely in second place under such a category is the biodiversity hotspot at Athirapilly. It is situated in the Chalakudy Taluk and north of Kochi. 

It consists of gentle water bodies and rivulets and a forest trail that speaks for its flora and fauna. The best time to visit is early morning, preferably close to sunrise. Commuting to this location from Kochi is highly convenient and cheaper than the Periyar Safari. 

Akshara Nagri: The Land of Letters

From history and geography buffs, we finally arrive at the literature geeks. Akshara Nagri, also known as the Land of Letters, was central to the literary progress in the state. It is situated in Kottayam, and its beautiful, lush premises. 

Did you know that it is home to one of India’s oldest Syrian churches? You might have heard it by the name of Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church. You will undoubtedly realize its religious prominence and significance if you visit the place. 

Needless to say, not only is it a scenic destination, but it also has a shockingly beautiful travel route. 


Kerala gracefully and rightfully holds its title as “God’s own country.” All the destinations within this state are either connected by the blue backwaters or lush green routes. Besides, traveling to Kerala itself is hardly an issue, for it has been a popular tourist location for years.  

From camping and wildlife excursion trips to honeymoon specials, Kerala does it all in spades. The food and culture will not disappoint you in the least, whether you visit in summer, spring, autumn or winter!

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