10 Swoon-worthy winter wedding destinations around the world

10 Swoon-worthy winter wedding destinations around the world

Winter Vacation in Goa

Getting married in winter is awfully splendid, enchanted and cinematic. With proper elements, stunning ideas, and magnificent venues, your winter wedding will be fantastic. The clean & crisp air, beaming snow, and vacation mood make the winter a perfect season for a wedding.

What kind of winter wedding destination are you looking for? You can go for the traditional winter of snow or head off to a tropical destination. With a winter wedding, you are free to choose any wedding as per your wish.

Here, we will tell you some popular winter wedding destinations that you should check if you plan to get married this upcoming winter.

Lake Placid, New York

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Do you want to escape from the hustle-bustle crowd of city life? Lake Placid could be ideal if you want to go far away from the concrete jungle. Located just five hours from New York City, Lake Placid is a top wedding destination for your dreamy winter wedding.

The picturesque location is situated in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains and offers unforgettable experiences for your wedding. Mirror Lake Inn Resort & Spa is an ideal wedding venue that is very comfy and pastoral. During the ceremony, the invitees can spend leisure time touring the Olympic Village.

Park City, Utah

Wedding Destination Park City, Utah

Park City, Utah, is a perennial wedding destination in the world. Snow-bunny couples will enjoy the area’s cosy-yet-luxe accommodations, clean air, and magnificent mountains. Montage Deer Valley, The St. Regis Deer Valley, and Golden Hirsch are popular resorts that make this place famous to those who come here for winter weddings or hiking.

Apart from the wedding, the team can enjoy many other activities: cross-country skiing, ice skating, snowmobiling, and sleigh rides.

Aspen, Colorado

top wedding winter destination Aspen, Colorado

Aspen in Colorado is not only a famous ski town but also an attractive destination wedding place for winter nuptials. The snow-capped mountains offer picturesque photo backdrops, while the luxury villas allow lovebirds and their invitees to revel, play, and relax without having to drive anywhere.

A famous wedding destination venue in Aspen is the Snowmass Club. This luxurious resort embraces couples with lodging, wedding reception room and catering services and makes their wedding picture perfect. Being a full-fledged mountain resort, Snowmass Club offers the amenities of a country club and a fine hotel. Astonishing views of Mt. Daly from banquet rooms and a 4,000-square-foot patio offer an impeccable backdrop for winter wedding ceremonies.

Jukkasjärvi, Sweden

Top Wedding winter destination in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden

This small Swedish town is a top wedding destination worldwide, with fewer than 600 citizens. Despite its smaller size, the town has gained immense popularity due to ICE HOTEL. Tourists can walk from one end to the other and enjoy the picturesque view of this small town.

The snow architects build the ICE HOTEL every year in winter. The architects start cutting big blocks of ice on the Torne using special ice saws. Guests may stay in one of the places carved from ice or in one of the adjacent cottages. The hotel stays till spring, when the ice begins to melt down.

Tropical winter wedding destinations in the world

When it is below zero, very cold, windy, and there isn’t even any snow left on the ground, the thought of a tropical wedding becomes even more alluring. Many of these tropical locations are blessed with wedding resorts and villas, ensuring that guests and couples can enjoy a hassle-free wedding.


tropical wedding destination Hawaii

Hawaii is famous for its plush countryside with tropical plants and ample greenery. It is a top wedding destination for couples who want to get rid of cold and looking for a picture-perfect wedding ceremony. Oahu and Maui are famous places in Hawaii that offer a lavish wedding experience.

 Sheraton Maui Resort & Spa is a popular wedding venue where you take your wedding to the next step. The resort has numerous venues for a toes-in-the-sand experience.


Tropical mexico wedding destination

Beach weddings in Mexico are truly fascinating for every bride and groom. You can arrange a simple ceremony, walk barefoot, or even have an elaborate affair next to the ocean’s edge.

Cabo is a popular destination for the conduction of a wedding ceremony. Cabo wedding is flamboyant as it is within Los Cabos beach. The sea of Cortez’s turquoise-colored water, and the Pacific Ocean’s deep blue and sandy beach, would surely capture your soul.

Hotels and Villas in other cities could also be excellent choices for your dreamy wedding. They would all transform your day into a lavish and gala wedding ceremony, making it an eternal day to remember and cherish forever! Holiday Inn Express & Suites Kingdom City is an applauded wedding resort that embraces couples with many amenities, including the resort’s caterers, wedding coordinators, planners, entertainers, etc., who would assist you and ease your wedding preparation.


New Year celebration in Goa

Jamaica is one of the most popular upscale wedding destinations in the world. Jamaica has a rich history, and its well-developed wedding industry is designed to please couples and guests. Jamaica is blessed with sandy beaches, a pleasant climate, glittering waterfront views and jerk chicken worth hopping on a flight to eat. Many resorts welcome couples with a chunk of facilities, ensuring a fuss-free wedding experience.

The Palmer House Resort Ascend Hotel Collection offers facilities for both intimate as well as big-fat wedding ceremonies. Couples will be mesmerized by the view of the Caribbean Sea, easy access to the ocean and pools with waterfalls.


Do you like an intimate wedding ceremony amidst a celestial landscape of Bali’s emerald-green rice terraces, pristine blue skies and warm tropical gusts? A wonderful wedding in magical Bali will give you an experience for a lifetime.

Villa weddings in Bali are trendy. It provides all the privacy you need for your special day. Bali offers a vast selection of the most stunning and luxurious villas with breathtaking views. The Payogan Villa Resort & Spa offers wedding packages that include all necessary components like styling for the bride, a photographer, elegant decoration set up for the ceremony, a special boutonniere and many more.


Tropical Santorini wedding destinations

If you think of an exotic tropical location for your wedding, secluded from the hurly-burly of city life, Santorini, Greece, definitely makes a perfect candidate. Its fine combination of natural and artificial beauty exudes an appeal of an intimate romantic setting, which is ideal for any wedding. Right at its exclusive villas, a fine stretch of beaches, charming little villages and at the more exclusive locations on top of its majestic cliffs, the themes available for a wedding are limitless.

Csky Santorini is a perfect venue when you are looking for a luxury wedding. The resort’s wedding coordinators will arrange the venue, the reception and dinner for 200 guests on the spacious terraces and the main pool area.

Winter weddings embrace couples with many choices. The couples must prudently choose the wedding destination to make their special day exceptional and blissful.

You can consider the above-mentioned winter wedding destinations for a fuss-free wedding.

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