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10 surprising Diwali gift ideas for travellers

The Festival of lights inspires people to spread the feeling of love and happiness around them by exchanging gifts, while most people prepare for Diwali in advance by cleaning or decorating their homes, exchanging gifts is still considered the best way to express your love among your friends & family. But before you purchase a gift, you should determine their interests perfectly in order to satisfy and surprise them. You’re in luck if your folks are passionate about travelling as we are giving some exclusive Diwali gift ideas for travellers that can make their travel journeys comfortable and organized.

Many countries have lifted travel restrictions that were earlier implied to curb the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic and to support the cause our list will help you find suitable Diwali gifts for travellers planning a trip in the upcoming months.

Grooming kits

Everyone wants to look neat & tidy while travelling and a grooming kit could be one of the best Diwali gifts for your traveller friends.  A grooming kit should consist of a trimmer, hair gel, a shaving razor, after-shave lotion, perfume, a moisturizer, an eye-brow trimmer (for ladies), shampoo, etc.

You will find the grooming kits of reputed companies which are adequately prepared with everything needed for an ideal vacation. These products will make them look no further for their self-care needs, especially when travelling. Frequent travellers should keep these grooming essentials in their travel bags to have a chic, fashionable, and groomed vacation.

Passport covers

Why don’t you give your precious ones something to adorn their passports? Quirky passport covers are a travel accessory these days and you should get a wide range of options, from bold colours to eccentric prints.

 A quality passport cover with a unique design can be a great gift option this Diwali while a designer leather passport holder can be ideal if you have a friend, colleague, or relative travelling abroad.

Tech kit organizers

Many travellers often misplace their tech items during travelling and a tech organizer shall help keep their calm and tech knick-knacks in one place without worrying about misplacing. Purchase a spacious and sturdy kit that can hold together everything, from your charger to earphones.


If your friend is a globetrotter or frequent flier, a stylish watch could be an ideal gift during Diwali. A trendy watch will not only enhance the traveller’s style, but they can also select from various time zones.

Choose a leather or metal band, depending on the preference of the one you are gifting it to. A watch is a perfect accessory for those who always choose to be on time.

Travel pillow and other comfy travel items

Travel pillows and other items that help a traveller stay comfortable are also good ideas. You can find travel pillows with aromatherapy scents to help the traveller feel relaxed, refreshed, and invigorated. Another similar idea is a small foot massager that a traveller can use to comfort her feet after a long day of sightseeing.

Pocket translator

There are also many high-tech gifts that are great for travellers. If your gift recipient is visiting a foreign country, he will appreciate a pocket translator. These devices can help travellers use phrases in up to twelve different languages, which will help them get around when they arrive at their destination.

The low-tech version of this gift is a foreign phrase handbook. Of course, you must ensure to know exactly where the recipient is going before making this purchase.


Since digital photography is so popular in the 21st century, giving your travelling friend something related to his passion makes sense. They can capture enticing pictures while travelling and share their experience with you and others. Research & choose from the best available DSLRs in the market that are worth the money

You can also find camera bags, neck straps and security devices that will help him keep his camera safe.

A wireless travel charger

A wireless travel charger is a great space-saving device that can be rolled up and easily fit into your hand luggage. It only has one wire plugged into the wall, so you don’t need to worry about your wires getting tangled. Once all your electronic devices have been fitted with small adapters, you can place them onto the wireless charger mat, and they can all charge simultaneously! The device is efficient and will charge all your devices as quickly as their regular chargers.

A wireless charger is a great device to carry when travelling. as it charges all your electronic equipment with one wireless device.

So, this Diwali, gift your travel buddy a portable charger to make his travel hassle-free and stress-free.


Sneakers are the ultimate friends of travellers due to their utmost comfort. A colourful sneaker can be paired with any type of outfit-from breezy summer dresses to good old jeans, shorts or a sweatshirt. The versatility of sneakers is simply commendable.

The sneakers are a must-have for travellers to keep their fashion game on point. The sneakers from Nike and Adidas will steal your heart and are the perfect Diwali gift for your travel friends/loved ones.


Nothing could be better than buying a sturdy, light and high-quality backpack for a traveller that can adjust their belongings in a perfect and stylish manner as they step out to satiate their wanderlust. An easy-to-carry, spacious and transport-friendly backpack can be one of the best gifts for any explorer.

 These exciting Diwali gift ideas for wanderers will make their travel memorable, happy, and hassle-free.

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