10 Restaurants You Can’t Avoid in the Andaman Islands

10 Restaurants You Can’t Avoid in the Andaman Islands


Andaman is not only known for its scenic grandeur but also its explicit cuisines and seafood. Tourists from around the world visit Andaman islands to explore its scenery, beautiful beaches, and marine life, as well as its cuisine. 

Although the ingredients used to make their food are almost the same in all the regions of Andaman, what makes them different is the way they mix the food to get the desired taste. 

Seafood being the main cuisine attraction, the islands aren’t limited just to those. They also have a collection of varied types of cuisines. 

Some restaurants even have multi-cuisine menus to serve food from every corner of the world and satisfy their customers to their pleasure.

Let’s give you a taste of such cuisines by taking you on a stroll by the restaurants you must visit when you go to the Andaman islands.


Friends having fun at Amaya Lounge Bar

Amaya Lounge Bar

If you’re visiting the Andaman with your wife or loved one, nothing can be better than the Amaya Lounge Bar. It’s the perfect place for a delightful time on a romantic date night. The rooftop ambiance with a view of the north bay with the scrumptious seafood is only the cherry topping to the cake. 

Located in the Sea Shell Hotel, Marine Hill in Port Blair, the Amaya Lounge Bar offers a multi-cuisine menu, letting you have the best dinner of your life!

The Bayview at Sinclairs Bayview, Port Blair 

Located in the Sinclair Bayview, this restaurant in Andaman offers Indian, Seafood, and Continental cuisines alongside other cuisines. With a gorgeous view of the sea, it serves as one of the best places to dine with a view.

Not only does its food satisfy your taste buds, but its food also pleases your eyes. So, when you’re in Sinclair Bayview, make sure to amaze yourself by tasting the various cuisines in the restaurant. 

Drinking alcohol

Lighthouse Residency Restaurant

Lighthouse Residency is one of the most popular restaurants in Port Blair, Andaman Islands. You will find the best seafood in this restaurant that serves a customized dining experience for all its customers. 

Its sister restaurant offers an open-air seafood place where you can dine with your family whilst enjoying the subtle view and smooth breeze. This one is located up the street in Aberdeen Bazaar.


Something Different – Havelock

Popular for its North Indian, South Indian, Italian, Chinese, Continental, and Fast Food cuisines, this restaurant is an absolute hit with delicious food. Its unique interiors and decor stands true to its name and stands out from the crowd of the beachside cafes on the island. 

If you visit the place, you can expect fresh and delicious food with mesmerizing sea views!

Bonova Cafe and Pub

One of the best restaurants in Havelock, Andaman Islands, Bonova Cafe, and Pub is located near Govind Nagar Beach. The classy and modern ambiance of the cafe sets the tone and its lip-smacking cuisines make it a place worth visiting. 

Additionally, the friendly hospitality you get when you visit the place makes you keep visiting the place whenever you go to the islands next. Besides exploring its beaches, if you’re a foodie, this is the ultimate cafe worth exploring in the Andaman Islands.



Located in Diglipur, Andaman Islands, Sion is one of the popular restaurants offering great seafood. But it also serves mouth-watering North Indian food for those who want to taste the aromas of their home dishes. 

The breakfast is pretty delectable as well. Additionally, the rooftop restaurant has a bar that makes it one of the cool alcohol-serving places on the island. 

Red Snapper

The Wild Orchid Group of Resorts has an in-house restaurant called the Red Snapper that offers a lavish dining experience. If you’re looking for a luxurious dinner place by the waters, this would make the perfect place for it.

They serve fresh and hearty meals that make your choice worth it. The best thing about this place is that customers can select their fish, lobster, or crab on demand and the prices would vary according to their size. Do taste the tiger Prawns if you ever visit this place!


Mandalay Restaurant 

If you’re a beach person and like to smell the beach sand with great food and view, then Mandalay Restaurant in the Fortune Resort Bay Island is the perfect place in port Blair. 

Whether you want to try a variety of cuisines or be overwhelmed with a heartwarming, hospitable environment, Mandalay offers you all. 

Do try their variety of Indian, Asian, and Chinese cuisines and see for yourself!


Annapurna Restaurant

This is the most preferred restaurant for all the vegetarians out on the beach. Annapurna Restaurant serves pure veg food following the Jain traditions. It’s located in Aberdeen Bazaar and therefore, is easily plotted by tourists. 

Not only does it serve pure, delicious vegetarian dishes, but it is also considerably cheap, making it a practical choice for visitors who simply want to explore around without spending too much. 


Full Moon Cafe

Run by an Irish couple, this restaurant has an amazing menu with an outdoor seating area which makes it one of the popular restaurant choices on Havelock Island. 

It serves mouth-watering seafood, fresh and healthy salads, and refreshing cardamom lime fizzes. Established to be one of the famous restaurants, known for its ambiance and food, you’d love to eat here!


Final Words

The food of the Andaman Islands is inspired by the diverse population of Bengal, Burma, South India, and North India. And that’s one of the reasons why you get to taste the vibrant multi-cuisines in most of the popular restaurants on the island.

North Indian, South Indian, Chinese, Italian, Continental, fast food, bar specials, etc. are all aboard the Andaman Islands. Besides, the fantastic hospitality of the restaurants makes it irresistible to visit the cafes and restaurants that also offer great food and ambiance.

So, whether you want to taste some lavish dishes or simply some comfort food while enjoying the view from the shore, Andaman has got you sorted!

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